Valley County "Good Ole Boys" Roadblocks 


1950’s, the City of Glasgow declined hooking up to the water line going to the New Glasgow AFB.

The Federal Government spent many tens of millions of dollars attempting to find a use for the closed Glasgow AFB in the 1960’s & 1970’s, Valley County receives the runway and all hangers and commercial buildings including hospital and water pipe line water treatment plant and appropriated water from the Federal Government; with being given the all the commercial facilities the County had the obligation of providing water to those facilities plus the base housing which would be auctioned off later.

Valley County had a committee set up to find a use for the closed base facilities that was committed to developing the former base for the benefit of the community.

Glasgow’s deep wells that supplied the city with water had become totally unacceptable and something had to be done and it would be costly; however the closed AFB water system may be available for the city to use if the attempts to utilize the base failed.

The Valley County Committee to find a use for the base saw the need to acquire the rail link coming to the base.

Local company purchased and salvaged the rail link, knowing that it was important to keep in place for the development of the closed AFB and to give value to the properties that the county had received from the Fed Gov.

Federal Government, through GSA, auctions off 1223 housing units.  The top three bidders were all salvage companies.  Some of the town fathers had bid also to salvage the properties but were down the list.

All is well though, at least the housing will go and the City will be able to get the water and the county will not have the expense of providing water to the housing, which was considerable.

It seems no one was looking at the possibility of the tremendous asset the runway, commercial facilities, hospital, and housing could have for the County, City and Eastern Montana.

What threats to the plan came about where the city would have to pay to solve their water problem and the town fathers would benefit from salvaging the AB.

Pat and Judy Kelly, VA Nursing home.

First needed to stop the salvage company that got the bid so the locals could salvage it; stopped the financing promised to the top bidders, got that done.