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Twilight Zone


Will St. Marie be a Total Failure; what are the odds of it not being a TOTAL FAILURE and a forever Dilapidated Disgrace?

Judy and I did the impossible when we gave Montana, Valley County and the city of Glasgow the beautiful gift of a successful St. Marie with quality people from all over the US and also from overseas. We created a Jewel of a community with beautiful people. We fought Valley County and Glasgow so called leaders back then and still made it a success; but they got back at us with a 1,000% increase in taxes - the Valley County leadership may think they have won, and it looks like they have, but what have them won?  First I want you to take a look at the history of their persistence to benefit from the failure of St. Marie.

Let me set the stage here for the purpose of giving the facts as I see them in an entertaining and sometime humorous manner; life should be joyful even when you are discussing the "Black Cloud" that we encounter at different times in our lives.  Where are, “Black Clouds” and what are causes them?  I think most of us can recognize a "Black Cloud" when we see it, whether it is over a Country like Iran, an organizations such as Hamas, and even in certain individuals.  What causes the "Black Cloud" is normally connected to the need to Control, Dominate, Greed, Jealousy, Ego, Pride etc. and we can see it in families and towns as show on TV programs.  I remember two episodes in two early TV series, I believe one was on the Twilight Zone and the other on Route 66.  On the one on Route 66 the two young guys drove into a town and had car problems and was stranded in this small town controlled by (Draft - to be continued)

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