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It is an interesting story on how St. Marie came about; I believe it all started way back, "once upon a time." So - Once upon a time there was a little fourteen year old boy (Pat) who lived in a little town in Eastern Montana. One day he saw what was for surely the most beautiful girl in the world (Judy), who was also fourteen. He prayed very hard about this girl, and as a result of his prayers, "Charlie the Angel" (Miracle) appeared at the right time, in a truly miraculous way seven years later and he married the most beautiful girl in the world and they had children together and traveled the world together and founded St. Marie through miracles and through any talents of theirs, unless you consider love, innocence, humbleness and trust talents.

They retired from the Air Force and set out

Oil Study Of Judy Done By Pat

on a new adventure, they would work together, study art and travel the world together. First they would find the best art school in the U S and go there four years, then a year in Florence Italy, then a year in Paris France, then at the age of 48, back to God's Mountain in Montana to put all they had learned into practice.

Oops! A slight delay in their plans occurred. After the third year at the best art school they were home for the summer in Montana and a brother of Judy and a brother of Pat were together planning on purchasing the housing at the former Glasgow Air Force Base and moving the homes to the outskirts of a large city. They were going to make a lot of money and wanted Judy and Pat to make a lot of money too and asked them to join in their venture. The answer was "no" Judy and Pat already had a beautiful life planned that money could not buy.

Later in the summer the brothers came and said the magical words, "we cannot do it without your help" so the answer was OK, we will help you financially, but we will not give you one minute of our time.  Go to the Story of St. Mary and Judy's Perspective on how it evolved to us building St. Marie.

The video is the St. Marie Judy and I built - it was exciting and challenging - but with the 1000% increase in taxes and fighting the Black Cloud I ended up having a heart attack in 1991 and Judy died from an aneurism at the age of 55 in 1992, the fight and stress had its toll; with the loss of Judy I needed to sell the property which I did in 1995 the year of the video.

I am now back and my goal is to make St. Marie the most beautiful little "Community" in the country, the way it was in the video - St. Marie cannot remain the dump that the Black Cloud made and continues to hold down.

Sincerely, Pat  

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