1. The Federal Government spent tens of millions of dollars trying to find a use for the former Glasgow Air Force Base and failed. They gave the commercial buildings and runway to the County and put the housing up for sale.

     2. They sold the 1223 housing units by international auction and the top three bidders were all salvage companies, there should never have been a dime of taxable value to Valley County, only 1223 basements and a lot of asphalt, liability and cost; no leadership and looking forward then and now, only local leadership looking out for themselves.

     3. Luckily, the GSA top bidder after paying the twenty percent down was later denied the promised financing by GSA, rumor was it was done by influential people of Glasgow with their own agenda who had experience in salvage concerning the former AF Base.

     4. Luckily again, the salvage company that purchased the unwanted buildings and was being forced into bankruptcy had a silent partner, a couple named Judy and Pat Kelly. They would not let the people who had invested in their company go unpaid. They had a plan that would not only pay the debts, but save the tremendous asset for the Eastern Montana that their families had migrated to over a hundred years before.

     5. No money, no experience, and Valley County and the City of Glasgow lined up to stop them. The City needed the water going to the closed AF Base their deep wells had gone from bad to worse.

     6. The County Attorney was said to have made the statement that He, the County Attorney would stop them, not only did the city want the water, the County did not want the expense of providing water in perpetuity to the base.

     7. First miracle was getting financed by a loan from five different participating Credit Unions; which was unheard of. The Kelly's had sold the concept of a "Military Retirement Community" to the lenders and it worked.

     8. The Air Force came to the County with a proposal to blow up the runway, test a new rapid repair system, and then put it back as good as new. Boeing was using the air field in a limited way and did not want that it to happen, so made a proposal to purchase the County's holdings minus the responsible for providing water to the housing.

     9. The local Econ Development Group said they wanted Boeing over St. Marie even though Boeing had said they had no plans to develop the facility.

    10. Boeing did take that responsibility of taking on the water and Glasgow taped into the water system.

    11. "St. Marie was a total success," military retires came from all over the US and some from overseas. High ranking officers and enlisted, pilots, a banker, one was the current mayor of Olympia WA when he purchased; a total success that was growing in the most positive way, it could not be stopped.

    12. The County raised the taxes 1000% and the results destroyed St. Marie. The tax increase was protested, but the Valley County Attorney defended the 1000% increase at the State level and won.

    13. I was forces to sell. The purchaser turned out to be dishonest and went bankrupt and the results are a destroyed St. Marie that is still being held down by the local powers with their own agenda.

    14. The reason for the timing of telling this story is I have been demonized by the locals so bad that it has been impossible to bring St. Marie back even though I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and committed to another $500,000. They deny that St. Marie was a success and state that St. Marie has always been a problem and it happened so long ago that many believe them. The leaders of Glasgow are stating St. Marie has always been a failure and they have convinced the banks and others not to help.

Sincerely, Pat Kelly

Sequence Of Events