This Article with have the theme of the Christmas Story starring Jimmy Stewart, "It is a Wonderful World;" I do hope we do not end up with a Pottersville/Pippensville.

What motivates people?  It is obvious that people at different education levels and people with different family life experiences are motivated by different factors.

Also of course there are other factors.  I will amuse you with a story about a Black Cloud.  I was told by a local minister that there is a Black Cloud over the Glasgow area.  What did he mean by a Black Cloud? I will let each of you decide yourself if there is not something different going on here.  I know for a fact that most of the people here and throughout Eastern Montana are the best anywhere. I am from one of the oldest families in Eastern Montana, my great grandfather was the tailor at Fort Buford at the confluence of the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers back in the 1880's.

Yes, we have the best people anywhere.  However what is wrong here, what did the Minister mean by Black Cloud, is it something evil?  Was it formed by something that happened in the past, like in the movies, maybe a curse – my-my this is starting to sound sort of sinister to me.

Well, even before the Minister made his statement; and by the way, at a meeting of all the ministers at a meeting, this Minister felt it his responsibility to ask the other Ministers to pray to get rid of the Black Cloud or whatever it was he was saying laid heavily over the community; he said they refused his request.  Well I believe most people would refuse to acknowledge something like a Black Cloud by praying against it, that would be to acknowledge they thought it existed?  St. Marie would be a beautiful contribution in so many – please read all tremendous and diverse efforts to stop it – you decide!

However, even before the Minister said what he did; when I was working with the Government people in Helena prior to coming to Glasgow, I was told to watch out there was something different about the leadership and controlling factions; it came across as a warning.  Can a few people damage a community and set a tone that becomes a part of its makeup of that community and it dominates.  As I was building St. Marie an older man who owned a furniture store in Glasgow told me, "Pat I like what you are doing, I would like to help, but I cannot I will be punished, " Well, if you are going to build something in a miraculous way you do not worry about the evil doings of a few, right?  Question is, in the long run, who wins?  As you go through all this, and I hope you come back because it is going to get wilder; understand that I am Irish and like to have a bit of subtle humor now and then, but believe me this is a "true" story.

Okay Okay, what am I getting at; well you decide after you hear the miraculous story of St. Marie.  Do you know what a miraculous story is?  Well look it up, because it truly is a miraculous story - whoa. If so; does it stand up to the Black Cloud (Evil) and win?  Well read on, this page and the others, you decide.  I will give you a hint - right now in early 2016, the Black Cloud is kicking butt.  But first let me give you a short version of the miraculous story of St. Marie; it will be told in some manner in areas of other pages.

In fact, as I build these stories and link them together I ask that you look on other pages on how a scrawny little guy like me, supported by the most beautiful girl in the world did the impossible and created a masterpiece.  No not what you see now, this is Pottersville/Pippensville.

Pippensville vs Pottersville

It's A Wonderful Life, starring Jimmy Stewart