I received a call in early July 2015 from North Carolina, a Pastor named John Collins.  He told me he had driven through St. Marie two or three years ago and recently has had a calling to set up a ministry here.  He said he told his daughter that he had this calling and she responded, “What are we waiting for?”

The more he talked about his ministry and the four active churches he established and now are run by associate Pastors where goes only periodically, I got rather excited about his coming and the impact someone like him and the three families of associate pastors would have on St. Marie.  His godly calling to come fit perfectly to my mission statement of building a Christian Community based on helping others; he said his ministry was based on that principle; helping those in need within the community and beyond.

His credentials were great, he said he was currently Evangelist of the Year for the Inspirational Country Music organization and wanted to make St. Marie the center for his operation of radio and TV programs.  I felt this man could be the answer in getting the word out to all the country in establishing St. Marie and I said yes to his coming.

It all happened quickly; I needed to have housing units ready for him and his people quickly.  He arrived in a little over a week, with huge U-haul trucks.  I moved from my home and gave it to the Pastor and his family.  There were a few problems, but they were quickly established and Pastor John had his first services a week later.

In listening to his sermons I was quite impressed, I am a daily Mass Catholic and appreciated his aggressive sermons of solid biblical teaching.  We all found out a lot about Pastor John during his introduction sermons, he had three doctorates and had read the Bible from front to back in both Arabic and Hebrew.  He had been a CEO of a large company for 21 years; plus he told us of a brush with the law in his past.  The people were impressed and each Sunday he was getting more people from our small community.

He set up to do his sermons live and had many radio broadcasts from his home office.  Pastor John knew many top Country Western performers and had done concerts in conjunction with him.  He was friends with the former White House Physician who may be able to help with St. Marie in some way.  Some of the Western musician were wanting to come to St. Marie to support him and his ministry.  Pastor John also had friends in the financial field who could possibly procure a sizable loan to develop St. Marie. 

Yes Pastor John Collins, welcome, come to St. Marie - I am ready for another miracle!

Pastor John