Miracles and Visions

People are very skeptical of anyone who talks about Miracles or Visions that they have witnessed; I almost immediately put these people in the "kooky" category.  The exception of course is a very trusted friend a parent or someone you know to be of high character and respectability; but even then you ask questions to clarify and justify that trust.

That said, I have four such stories and my friends and priests I know all believe me; one has photos so that is easy to believe.  The first story is an answer to my prayers as a 14 year old boy titled "Charlie the Angel" which gave me the greatest earthly happiness, even though she died 24 years ago.  The second was an encounter with a spirit that I felt could heal anything "It had Weight and a Presence." The third was a vision in the sky of "Our Lady and the Dragon."  The fourth was something that was revealed to me by my priest as a result of my telling him about my vision above; this one has photos so it is easy to believe "Our Lady Standing on a Knoll."  I believe my vision is significant (A photo would have been priceless) because it obviously has a message; although I am not sure what the message is; it would be interesting what your thoughts on the meaning may be.

The other question is, why is all this happening in this small little part of the world?  There is a tremendous story here and it is just beginning - I believe it MUST end well, but how?