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The Miracle

Judy is air-evacuated to Tokyo.

This, as the other spiritual happenings, is included to show how I was guided to be here today putting this package together.  This incident is more of a keeping me on the path than a new direction, because without her there would not be a St Marie or package. 

Judy joined me in Japan when she was seven months pregnant. I was a low ranking airman and had to pay her way there. I borrowed $500 from my grandparents for the $552 plane ticket; that was a lot of money in 1959. We had been married for only seven months and separated the last three; it was a joyful and passionate reunion.  It had been a long flight across the Pacific, Judy’s beautiful hair had fizzled down, but her face sparkled with joy as she saw me; she was so beautiful.

It was a bit of a culture-shock for her as we drove through Tokyo.  She was totally alive with awe seeing and absorbing this old exotic culture.  This was 1959 and only 15 years after the war with Japan.   We caught a small cab to the train station.  When we got out of the cab there was a young mother sitting on the curb nursing her baby with both her breasts exposed.

Before we went into the train station, Judy went into a lady’s restroom off the street and came out with a bit of a shocked look; all it was a trough running down the middle of the floor. She laughed and seemed ready for this new adventure.

            I had taken the train to Misawa three months earlier.  It was a new train with a fancy dining car and sleeper units.  We were not so lucky; our train was an antique. I was disappointed but Judy didn’t seem to mind the cramped seats or the bits of soot coming from engine; she was awesome. We had a sleeper car with small bunks with curtains on both sides of the aisle. Once we were on our way I was going from my upper bunk to her bunk below, but she said no, it really was not private in any way. I persisted but to no avail, heads were popping out from curtains everywhere.

            I was stationed a good distance north of Tokyo and had a two bedroom house built that cost $800.  My instincts as an entrepreneur were active; I checked to see if I could own a house in Japan, and I could, but then I hesitated to borrow more money from relatives, but I should have been more aggressive - wimp.  Judy made it a home very quickly; curtains, dishes, sheets, etc. and we purchased a crib for the baby soon to come. I had had furniture made, a bed, a couch, and had purchased a table and chairs and also an ice box that held real ice. The house had a small oil burning heater with its pipe going through the roof. It had a nice bathroom with lots of tile. The tub was square with very small tile and the water heater was a half of a 50 gallon barrel in the rafters with a heating rod stuck down in it.  The switch to the heating rod hung on the wall, it pulled down like a switch used in executions.

            Our son Patrick was born on the 8th of December, 1959 on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception; a day of celebration in the Catholic Church. Patrick was a beautiful boy to be sure and his mother glowed.  Watching Judy breast feed Patrick was truly a joy; it was the start of our family.  Judy sent me to the town to buy her a breast pump; not being able to speak Japanese made that chore interesting.  A few weeks later we had our first Christmas together.

            I have pictures of Judy sitting on the floor next to the Christmas tree looking down at Patrick. She was wearing a long soft robe with her hair flowing over her shoulders; my how beautiful she was. She was sitting next to our Christmas tree and our gifts to each other; a set of three colorful mixing bowls and a monopoly set. We could not have been happier. Judy glowed as a mother and wife. This is who she was meant to be.

We were in this exotic land less than 10 months from our marriage and a little over a year since God had “Charlie the Angel” (CLICK HERE) reroute me to Sidney and to the woman I was destined to marry.  I was an out of control loser an she inspired me to change.  (It is important here to emphasize the importance of my marriage to Judy. Without that miracle there would be nothing to tell.  That miracle, and it was a miracle, was the most important in God’s guidance to St Marie, the photo, the package and most importantly the “Message would not be a current reality.”  Judy was the strong foundation that that gave me the strength that was necessary for all that followed.)

            A year later Judy was pregnant again.  She was so happy it happened as quickly as it did because we wanted as many children as we could have, hopefully as many as 12.  Just prior to nine months, her water broke, and I rushed her to the hospital.  She had hard labor for many hours and the doctor made the decision to take the baby by C-section.  It was late at night with little activity at the hospital.  I had been waiting in the hallway for hours wondering if it was a boy or girl and finally a nurse came out and with no warning told me that the baby had lived only a few minutes; and that it was a girl. Shocked, I quickly asked if she had been baptized she told me yes. I was not ready for this in any way.  I sat down on a bench in the hallway and waited trying to pull myself together before going down the hall to tell Judy.

 We were strongly committed to our Christian faith but it was not developed enough to assist us in these circumstances. We were crushed. NOTE: (Be sure to listen to the testimony of “Ruth” whose son Oden also only lived a few minutes – if only Judy and I had had the developed faith of Ruth and her husband.  Do not miss Ruth’s testimony it was meant to be part of this spiritual package and something all should hear.)

            Later, Judy went in weekly for a doctor exam.  I did not think the C-section incision looked right and  asked Judy to tell the doctor I was concerned. When she came out of the doctor’s office I asked her about the C-section and she said the doctor said it was fine.  A few days later Judy came down with a very high fever and I took her in and they admitted her. She found she had gangrene and quickly things turned very critical; her kidneys failed and she could not pass water.  They called for Air evac to take her south to Tokyo. The Air evac plane was a small prop plane and we hit massive turbulence. The crew said it was the worst they had ever experienced.  We would drop hundreds of feet rocking back and forth and up and down. Judy was laying there unconscious with panic going on all around her.

            We got to the hospital in Tokyo and she was their top priority. Luckily the hospital had a kidney surgeon assigned there. They quickly did tests and saw it was critical and got her ready for surgery. A surgical assistant came out and told me they knew they would have to take one kidney out and evaluate the other kidney that was also infected.  He thought she had a 50-50 chance to survive. I felt he was trying to give me hope. I knew Judy was a type one diabetic and that the gangrene had taken its toll and her body’s ability to fight this massive infection. It was life or death. My beautiful wife was going to die. My prayers to God were brutal and came from the hurting center of my soul – I was sick, sick. I did not know what to pray – finally I just burst out “God let her live to be 55.” I wasn’t asking for full life just to 55. God help!

            Judy slowly recovered and died on May 5th, 1992 at the age of 55.

            My prayers were answered. You say I should have asked for longer, but no I think I maxed out. We created a family and traveled the world together.  We had a very passionate relationship; can you imagine going to bed every night with the most beautiful girl in the world?

            St. Marie could not have happened without her and she lived long enough to see it a total success. Thank you God from both of us for all those years. After Judy’s death, 30 years ago, I declared myself celibate.  It was the easiest thing I have ever done, I wanted no other.

Judy was the key force of grace that drove me  all of this way.  All this grace  cannot be wasted; I must get this package submitted and establish a platform to get the prolife people especially the Bishops to push forward with confidence with the simple message, downsize and strengthen the Church by constantly teaching from the pulpit.

This is one of the many small miracles shown in this package which are given to show God's guidance within His message.

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