A few years after my wife died, probably 1993 or so I was chauffeuring a couple around one day; he was a representative for investors from California.  We had just came back from the historic town of Fort Peck on the largest lake in the northwest and I thought it would be fun to go out past the golf course up Cherry Creek and watch the deer come out to feed as the sun was setting.

I was chauffeuring them in a Lincoln town car and they were in the back seat.  I pulled off the road a bit to set and talk and wait for the sunset.  There was a horse standing near the fence at the corner of a field directly across from us.  I had my arm across the front seat conversing with the young couple.  We had been there for a few minutes talking when a Spirit came into the car, its presence was in the middle of the  front seat area above me; that sounds like a small area, but the presence was full and heavy; heavy in the sense of fullness of presence, it had weight.  I know that seems like a repeat of the same wording, but hopefully it describes what I felt.

How long was the presence there, I do not know; maybe just a few second – maybe more, but it was long enough to give me a full understanding of its character and fullness.  It was a soft shock and a beautiful experience; I did not have time to consider the meaning, but what came to my mind was it could heal anything, I am sure it was total love but that thought came later - what came to my mind instantly was it could heal anything.  Now I know it was total love that could heal anything – a bit of God.  It was a personal thing; the people with whom I was with showed no recognition of it.

The Spirit acknowledged its presence to me and I felt and almost saw it leave to my right and upward, it was a separate entity.

I do believe that some sensitive people are on the edge of the spiritual and see or feel the other side; especially after crushing loses or enormous struggles.  The reason I am writing this now; I did write the experience after it happened and have told the story many times to friends and priests, is that I just read an article on Mongoloid children, those with Down Syndrome, and the experience I had shows a special side of these wonderful children who are aborted by so many parents; it shows that the spirit of God dwells in a special way within them.

Let me explain, I was living in Miles City and would go to lunch at a café where the wall facing the street had windows the full length with booths; at the end of the booths farthest from the entrance was a single table where I could watch all the people coming and going and would set there and draw interesting people.  I loved little girls with pony tails and cowboys with great hats.  The small table was almost like an extension of the last booth.

One day I was setting there drawing when an elderly couple came in with an older Mongoloid daughter, they were dressed in drab blues and grays and looked very sad.  The daughter had grey hair and was older than most children with down syndrome get.

They sat at the booth at the end next to me; the father sat on my left and the mother sat next to the window and the daughter sat next to her mother facing me and a bit to my left.  Once I heard the parents start talking I could tell they were not sad at all, but gentle and loving toward each other and a positive attitude towards all.  Their Mongoloid daughter did not participate at all and showed no indication she understand what they were talking about; she just sat there with her head tilted down with no expression except maybe a bit of self-consciousness.

Oh my I thought, what a beautiful model, she was beautiful, humble and innocent.  I started to draw her; she had no reaction but she felt my presence and slowly looked up at me, and after she did she quickly put her head back down.  I have always felt a closeness to Mongoloid children and get many hugs from them, but this girl was seemed more closed in that others, I believe she had been more isolated than other children.  I was totally in love with her shyness and innocence as I drew.  In a bit she looked up again and again I gave her a big smile; this happen four or five more times and each time I smiled and she ducked her head down again.  As I was drawing I looked up and saw something remarkable – a single large, very large, unreal large tear start down her cheek traveling close just out from the side of her nose,  it seemed to keep it’s tear drop shape as it descended; I was shocked by the size and had never seen anything like it – I instinctively looked up to her eye the source of the tear, and before I could focus on the eye I was hit with a that physically me back in my chair.  What came out of her eye was the same total love I felt in the car but not a soft presence but a force that seemed to break out from something that had been held back; it had force.  It was a pure love she could not express in any other way. 

I honestly believe that she sat there receiving love and had no way of expressing it back; but in her heart she had this tremendous pure love that was bursting forth, a love as pure as that spirit that could heal and I was the fortunate recipient of this beautiful gift of love, not by a word, a touch, or by a kiss from lips,  but a bit of God’s love from the heart/soul of a little saint through the eye; in this case, the eye of the soul.

Thank You Pat

A Spirit, An Angel, What?