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The Visions and Miracles of St. Marie
Is It True?

People are very skeptical of anyone who talks about Miracles or Visions that they have witnessed; I almost immediately put these people in the "kooky" category.  The exception of course is a very trusted friend a parent or someone you know to be of high character and respectability; but even then you ask questions to clarify and justify that trust.

The Visions

I have four stories and my friends and priests I know all believe me. The 1st is an answer to my prayers as a 14 year old boy "Charlie the Angel".  The 2nd was an encounter "A Spirit, an Angel, What?." The 3rd was a vision in the sky of "Lady and Dragon."  The 4th was something that was told to me by my priest as a result of my telling him about my third vision; this one has photos so it is easy to believe "Our Lady."  

My Thoughts

There are miracles and visions that happen everyday. They happen in every part of the world. The question to be asked is, why is all this happening in this small little part of the world, northeastern Montana?  There is a tremendous story here and it is just beginning - I believe it MUST end well.

This site lists two Marian apparitions to be submitted for approval.


Welcome to the Visions and Miracles of St. Marie Website.

My name is Patrick Kelly and I am going to show you the amazing things that have happened in St. Marie. My wife, Judy, and I built this town many years ago, and named it after our daughter and the Virgin Mary. Many visions and miracles have happened throughout Judy and my life. St. Marie is a special place and you will see the wonderful visions and miracles that brought Judy and I together and then brought us to St. Marie. You will see how wonderful this town that we created is. I hope you take the time to look at all the pictures and read how the different visions and miracles came about. Please feel free to contact us at any time!

God Bless,


Welcome to St. Marie


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