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"How can I help other people?"


 Church and Annex building for sale

in the growing community of Saint Marie!

The only Church building in a community of 500 and continues to grow!

 12,224 sq ft!   Priced at only $150,000

Annex has full kitchen, offices and removable walls to form classrooms.

Ideal for a organized  denomination that wants to expand.

Could also make for an ideal location for a minister, who is looking for a new location.

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If interested or if you need more information go to: or please contact us at:


NEW LOOK, NEW ATTITUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......

With new content!!!!!

We are working on getting the truth about what has and is happening here in Saint Marie. We are adding new sections and pages with articles that should grab your attention!!!!      With topics like SAINTMARIE - THE TRUTH, .......PIPPENVILLE VS POTTERVILLE  and should vist the site often to keep updated, as we add stories from the PAST, FUTURE AND PRESENT!!!!!!!!!!

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Welcome to the Saint Marie Website

Saint Marie

 WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS IN LIFE??? I and so many others (and hopefully you), reach a point in our life’s where our main goal is helping others. I believe that in many cases it is the result of Christianity, but I have seen it in other cultures which are not Christian so love (God) exists everywhere. I know in my case it came to life in my Christian Faith.  We welcome all faiths, but because most of us are Christians, we will call it a Christian Community.  Contact me at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  

 St. Marie needs people who wake up in the morning and ask themselves "how can I help other people". There are many millions of people who fit this category and want to make a bigger impact with their efforts.  We want those type of people to come to St. Marie and help us build a community that actually has helping others as a mission. It will take work and time, but it will be an awesome experience, some will get discouraged, we will support them.


It is an interesting story on how St. Marie came about


 It is an interesting story on how St. Marie came about, it all started with "once upon a time." So - Once upon a time there was a little fourteen year old boy (Pat) who lived in a little town in Eastern Montana. One day he saw what was for sure the most beautiful girl in the world (Judy), who was also fourteen. He prayed very hard about this girl, and as a result of his prayers, "Charlie the Angel" appeared at the right time (another story) and he married the most beautiful girl in the world and they had children together and traveled the world together. (Note: Many "Charlie the Angel" type incidents have gotten us to the possibly final chapter, a Christian Community with a Mission - Seriously.)



Current Events


There are many reasons to come to St. Marie, besides a great community, quality homes etc etc.  I will not bore you more than a few each time I update the log, but keep in mind the fact that St. Marie is a secure beautiful location in remote rural Montana, 30 minutes from the largest lake in the northwest - hunting and fishing, yes; great traditional school system - yes, but the most important thing about St. Marie it's Mission - so go read it again.

We just started advertising a month or so ago and getting a lot of requests for rental applications.  We are concentrating oil field workers who want to get their familes close to them, because of the oil boom, Williston ND has been building steadily for the last few years and can not keep up with the demand.  They still need an additional 5000 homes to be built and the same applies to many of the smaller communities in the area.  The average rent in Williston, when you can find it, is $2,500, and the demand keeps building; our rent starts at $650 for a nice 3 BR home.

St. Marie is ideal for oil field workers who cannot afford those costs and have left their families home in North Carolina, Texas, Idaho, etc - actually all over the U.S. The workers want/need to get their families close so they can come home on their days off and emergencies.   We have homes for rent between $700 and $800 a month for 3 and 4BR homes

Call or email us - 406 480 1116 email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

History of the old Glasgow Air Force Base


Glasgow Air Force Base was the former Glasgow Army Air Field (AAF) situated on 2,798 acres about 15 miles north on Route 24 from the town of Glasgow, Montana. Prior to DOD (Department of Defense) ownership, 605 acres of this land were used as a municipal airport and the rest was agricultural land. Glasgow AAF, also known as the Glasgow Satellite Airfield, was activated on 10 November 1942 as one of three satellite fields of Great Falls Army Air Base. There were four Bomber Squadrons within this group, one located at the Great Falls Army Air Base and one each at air fields at Lewistown, Glasgow and Cut Bank. The 96th Bombardment Squadron of the Second Bombardment Group arrived at 65Glasgow55Glasgow Army Air Field on 29 November 1942. Heavy bomber squadrons of the time usually consisted of 8 B-17s with 37 officers and 229 enlisted men. The field was used by B-17 bomber crews from the Second Air Force during the second phase of their training. Bombing and gunnery training was conducted at the airfield’s associated sites of the Glasgow Pattern Bombing Range and the Glasgow Pattern Gunnery Range and other sites were probably also used. The target-towing aircraft assigned to the Fort Peck Aerial Gunnery Range were also stationed at Glasgow. The last unit to complete training at Glasgow Satellite Field was the 614th Bombardment Squadron of the 401st Bombardment Group which left for England in October 1943. On 1 December 1944 a German POW camp was established at the site. On 15 July 1946 the Glasgow Army Air Field was classified surplus and it was subsequently transferred to the War Assets Administration on 18 November 1946.




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